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About us

Hello and welcome to Posh Protection -- thank you for visiting my website!

As a wife, mother and owner of a women’s self-defense product company, I’m passionate about helping others stay safe -- it’s the whole reason I started my company. 

I personally picked out every product on my site. And while the products I sell are cute, they also are easy to use, non-lethal -- and effective. I should also mention, the products are affordable: I believe no one should be unprotected because of costs.

I hope you enjoy visiting my site and are able to find a product that fits your needs. But whether you decide to buy a stun gun, pepper spray or a self-defense key ring, I have one more hope: That you'll never, ever have to use it.

If you have questions or comments, please feel free to contact me at

Stay safe, my friends!

Elaine Dillard Posh Protection